Homeowner Tips
House Anytime Maintenance

1. Change your forced air heating / AC system
filter every 1-4 months based on type and usage

2. Replace caulking / silicon around your tub,
shower stall and sink whenever it starts
separating from surfaces

3. Inspect your bathroom tiled walls for cracks
and missing grout - fill the gaps as soon as
possible to prevent water penetration and tile
backing wall damage

4. Periodically check main water shutoff valve and
valves by the plumbing fixtures - might leak if left
untouched for several years

5. Periodically check water heater for leaks,
especially if it is beyond the warranty period

6. Monthly (or per manufacturer
recommendations) drain off a gallon of water to
remove silt and sediment - don't do it if this is the
first time on your 5 years old water heater - drain
valve might not close any more

7. Observe and listen to your appliances during
cycles, if it doesn't sound right - investigate
House Safety Maintenance Basics

1. Prepare and review your fire escape
plan with your family

2. Install GFCI outlets in bathrooms,
kitchens, wet bar sink areas, garages,
exterior, laundry area (within 6' from
sink), crawlspace, unfinished
basement- test monthly

3. Maintain functional smoke & Carbon
Monoxide alarms on each floor of your
property and in each sleeping area
(within 15' from the sleeping area in
some jurisdictions). Replace smoke
alarms every 10 years (max) and CO
alarms based on the manufacturer
recommendation (usually every 5
years). Test the smoke and CO alarms
once a week, clean their covers
periodically from dust, and change the
batteries twice a year.

4. Replace dryer plastic vents with
metal type - fire hazard

5. Clean your dryer filters after every
cycle, check vent pipe and exterior
cover for contamination on regular

6. Make sure that stair handrails and
guardrails are secured and safe for
your children

7. Provide full covers for all exposed
light bulbs in clothes closets areas

8. Make sure that your laundry chute is
not within the reach of a small child

9. Install self closing device on a door
between your home and the garage /
make sure it is a solid and fire rated

10. Test the garage door opener auto
reverse feature, make sure that the
safety sensors are withing 6" from the
floor, make sure that the overhead
door can be operated easily without
the opener
House Maintenance Spring

1. Inspect your roof for damage and
attic for any leakage stains

2. Check attic fans for contamination
and damaged screens / test power
vent by lowering thermostat setting -
don't touch the blades with your hand

3. Check gutters and downspouts for

4. Check your deck and exterior stairs
components - decking boards, floor
framing, supporting posts, steps,
railings / guardrails

5. Clean air conditioner from lint and
debris - be careful / don't damage its
components - turn the power off, use
power blower, vacuum brush

6. Inspect trees for weak and broken
branches, have them removed

7. Test exterior water faucets for
freeze damage / leaks / examine house
interior areas corresponding to the
valves for possible leaks

8. Re-install downspouts & sump pump
extensions removed for the cold
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